Solve a nagging, long-term problem.

Most Facilities Managers have a designated storage area. Many are crammed with architectural plans, engineer-ing drawings, close-out documents, manuals and a host of important building and inspection related printed materials, all occupying space and cumbersome to deal with. While some document storage areas are orderly, others are less organized.
Virtually every Facility Manager has experienced the frustration and time-consuming effort of searching through piles of hanging or rolled up drawings attempting to find a particular document, from a particular project, on a particular date. Worse yet, often times key documents simply cannot be located and costly re-engineering fees are the result.

The solution.

BHFX Simple software is intuitive. Point and click navigation eliminates the need for special training of any kind. Virtually no learning curve exists.

BHFX Simple’s exclusive propriatory software represents a technological breakthrough. BHFX Simple enables customers to convert traditionally printed architectural documents into easily managed and immediately retrievable digital formats. Avoid confusion resulting from key employee departures. Eliminate scavenger hunts and wasted time.

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