Jobsite Solutions

On today’s jobsites, technological advances are helping construction firms optimize operations, and eliminate costly mistakes. BHFX Repro can customize a technology package to suit the needs of any project large or small.

  • Plotters & Copiers
  • Project Management Software
  • Monitors & Touch Screens
  • Plan-Linking Services
  • Greenlee & Knaack Mobile Tech Stations
  • Close-Out Services
  • Construction Site Signage

Close-Out Packages

This efficient and innovative tool allows BHFX Repro to assemble and organize all of your crucial project information in on repository. Interactive Directories linked to PDF files creates the only true document archiving solution that requires no additional hardware or software. Providing consistency from one project to the next, our point and click interface is so simple your team requires virtually no training.

Interactive (Linked) Digital Sets

Every important piece of information you want is at your finger tips, all together in one file. Avoid time consuming searches through paper plans. By simply linking your title sheet and call-out details your team can now access everything they need in just a few simple clicks.

CAD Conversions

BHFX Repro provides Paper to CAD conversion for the AEC Community and has the expertise to process scanned drawings to multiple CAD formats. Redrawn from scratch and dimensionally accurate and to scale, hard copy documents are transformed into multi-layered, multi-colored CAD files with editable text.