How it works

The process begins with the BHFX Simple account team working closely with client staff to gather and inventory all existing traditionally printed building documents.

Prints, drawings, manuals and related materials are then consolidated, organized, scanned, indexed and prioritized before being loaded into the BHFX Simple data base. Once in the BHFX Simple database, archived building documents become effortlessy accessible as well as retrievable within minutes, if not seconds.

The process

The BHFX Simple process will save you time and aggravation

BHFX Simple software is intuitive. Search using any one of the seven customizable search filters, or the simple point and click navigation eliminates the need for special training of any kind and virtually no learning curve exists.

Search quickly and effortlessly through inspection reports, architectural and engineering drawings, maintainence records, manuals, warrantees, inspection reports as well as a virtually limitless list propriatary client-specific building documents.

It’s simple

Ease of use is the key. Both iPad and tablet friendly,  data and documents are readily accessible from mobile as well as desk top devices.
Our brief 20 minute demonstration will forever change the way you store and retrieve your important building plans and documents.

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